Sun & Moon - Directions

*Note:  This program may not work with older browsers.

 1. The first thing is to fill in the Latitude, Longitude and Hour Offset boxes of the form.  You can do this manually or by choosing one of the North American or World cities.

If you select one of the cities from the list, the city you choose will be displayed in the SELECTED box, ALL necessay data will be input for you AND the calculations will be done autonatically.  An important thing to watch out for here is the Hour Offset.  The Hour Offset displayed and used for the calculations is Standard Time.  If the city is currently observing Daylight Time you will have to DECREASE the Hour Offset by 1.

You can get precise latitude and longitude values at Maporama . Input the value as positive. The N button next to the Latitude and the W button next to Longitude are toggle switches. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere click the N and it will change to S. The same thing applies to the W button to change it to E.

Hour Offset is the number of hours your local time is different from Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time). The program places a value there, as well as the Date, based upon your computer's clock, however, for numerous reasons it may not be accurate.

 The clock that shows at the top of the page  should help. That shows the UTC time when the page was loaded.

 Find the difference, in hours, between your local time and that value. If you are in the Eastern Hemisphere you MUST consider it a NEGATIVE value.

 2. Once the correct values have been placed in the boxes hit  and the information should show up in the other boxes.

 3. The + and - buttons may be used to increment by 1 the Latitude, Longitude, Hour Offset, Month and Day. However:

* Changing the longitude causes the computer to recompute the Hour Offset so keep an eye on that.
* You do not have to use the Submit Values button UNLESS you change the Hour Offset in any way.

4. The Clear buttons  do what they say and your data will have to be input again.

* Thanks to Rob Garrett for suggesting the UTC clock. I hope that you find it useful. If you have any questions concerning this program please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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